At Ash Grove Primary Academy, we aim to provide our children with the skills and knowledge they need to be confident in an ever increasingly technological world. We ensure that children are exposed to a computing curriculum in which they can demonstrate an understanding of the skills, knowledge and vocabulary and that allows them to revisit the skills and knowledge they have learned through their prior years. We have developed a thorough ‘Progression Grid’ that allows staff to identify what has been taught prior/next in order to maximise pupil progress. By using the Teach Computing curriculum, we are sure that we are meeting the requirements of the National Curriculum.
Teachers at Ash Grove have worked diligently to make sure that the message of internet safety is woven through all subjects where technology is used. This ensures our children grow to be responsible digital citizens.

Our classes have timetabled computing slots and have the latest laptops available to them. In addition, sets of iPads make sure Computing really is a cross-curricular subject with children having the opportunity to apply their computing skills to research and presentation. This approach allows us to develop ICT skills linked to other subjects this leaving the timetabled computing slots for computer science and theory.
Staff incorporate technology throughout the wider curriculum and use these skills to research and present writing in a variety of ways, adding to our literacy rich environment. Most classes have interactive whiteboards which help our teachers to create engaging lessons that our children enjoy.
As with all our subjects, at Ash Grove we sequence learning in small steps, this allows children to build their knowledge, skills and use key vocabulary. This approach means knowledge and skills are embedded and secure. In The Early Years, computing encourages creativity, activeness, exploration, playfulness and promotes critical thinking. Children have the opportunities to access technology in the provision. The children are provided with a range of opportunities to use the Smart interactive whiteboards, laptops and iPads. The children also have access to CD players, Bee-Bots, digital cameras and recording equipment as well as a range of other technical equipment.
Key Stage 1, children develop their computing skills through using a range of technology such as, Computers and iPads. To encourage children to recognise the value of using technology we teach skills through termly topic links. Children develop their skills to navigate around a computer and use a range of Microsoft programmes and Google documents to copy and paste images and insert text boxes. The use of the internet to search images is incorporated alongside internet safety to reinforce the importance.
In Key Stage 2, children build upon previous skills and apply these to a variety of different technology and user interfaces. We often use simulation to allow children to gain experience in a wide range of situations, while the after-school coding club ensures our budding program writers have a place to develop.

We have a robust and enjoyable curriculum that has at its core an aim to upscale the knowledge, skills and vocabulary of all our children and help them succeed in the technological world.
The impact of our curriculum is clearly visible when talking to our children. They show a confident and articulate understanding of the subject matter. Pupil voice demonstrates pupils’ understanding of the subject and highlights the aspiration of our children to continue their studies and progress to working in the field.
Children leave us with a secure understanding of computer systems and with practical skills that allow them to access the tools they need at high school and beyond.
Children also understand the role computing plays within society and how it is used for everyday life. Importantly, children will understand and value the importance of online safety, by keeping safe whilst accessing devices and becoming responsible digital citizens.