PE, Sport & Physical Activity

All of our children, whatever their interests or abilities, have the opportunity to participate and succeed in sport at Ash Grove. At Ash Grove we work hard to ensure that Gymnastics, Dance, Athletics and Outdoor Games are a core part of our curriculum.
During their time at Ash Grove our children learn and develop a range of sporting techniques, develop a strong constitution for competition and grow in resilience, and become team players with high levels of cooperation.
As a result, we are proud to celebrate a sporting history steeped in sporting success gained from local matches and tournaments, and have even competed virtually during COVID19.
We take pride in our sportsmanship, which is complemented by regular opportunities to be calm, breathe, and develop control over our physical micro- being.

Pupils will be taught over a series of lessons which include:
• Revisiting previously taught knowledge and skills;
• Subject specific vocabulary;
• Understanding and application of transferable skills;
• Knowledge and experience of the importance of a healthy active lifestyle;
• Participation in competitive sports and activities.

“Believe in you and success will happen. Trust me. Live the dream,” Marcus Rashford MBE

“I lost my leg aged 5 and now I’m 1.9seconds behind Usain Bolt,” Jonnie Peacock MBE

“We have the ability to create change and inspire people,” Sasha Digiulian

Students playing football