At Ash Grove Primary Academy, we teach children to read using the Read Write Inc phonics scheme.
Our aim is to teach children to decode texts effortlessly using phonics. Once children have secured the routine for decoding words [special friends, fred talk, read the word] they are then able to focus their efforts on comprehending what they have read.
Another aim is to develop children’s spelling through phonics, using “Fred Fingers” to segment words to spell. By developing this spelling skill, children can focus their efforts in writing composition.

Assessment of phonics
Phonics assessments are carried out every six weeks to assess pupils’ knowledge of the sounds that have been taught throughout the focused group. It will also assess children’s decoding skills as they read unfamiliar words by applying their phonics or familiar words accurately. From the assessments, children are placed into a group and the correct challenge point for children and teachers will quickly identify the pupils who require further support and they will be provided with a targeted intervention. You will be made aware if your child is receiving any additional support.
Assessment also happens daily as part of children’s speed sound session. Teachers of Read Write Inc carefully plan each word the child reads in the session, based on the in the moment assessment.
The reading leader will oversee the assessment of phonics and will analyse data and will monitor the impact of interventions.

Interventions in phonics
Daily phonics interventions are delivered on a 1:1 basis for children identified as needing additional support. This will follow the same structure as our phonics sessions and will be a familiar routine to the children. Intervention will focus on targeted pupils identified through recent assessments and will be based around sounds that the pupils do not know whilst also recapping sounds they do know to ensure they can achieve success. Intervention groups are led by classroom support assistants and overseen by class teacher and reading leader. You will be made aware if your child is receiving any additional support.

Phonics screening check
The phonics screening check is an assessment for the pupils in Year One which takes place during the final summer term. The check assesses the children’s ability to segment and blend words effectively by reading a series of real and non-words (‘alien words’). The check takes place on a one to one basis with the child and their class teacher. Results are submitted and parents are informed whether their child has met the required standard or not. Any child who does not meet the required standard in Year One will have the opportunity to re-take the check the following year during Year Two. Children have regular experience of the check as ‘alien words’ form part of their daily phonics sessions.