Coronavirus – Covid-19: Closure update. Increased risk of exposure to Domestic Violence is a concern that we must take seriously. Please click the link below to access information about how you can reach support. Remember, dial 999, and if you can’t speak, add 55, to automatically request help.

Designated Safeguarding Officers

Miss V Williams

Headteacher - DSL

Mrs G Williams

Assistant Headteacher - DSL

Mrs C Chorley

Teacher - SENDCO - DSL

Mrs L St Ange

Teacher - DSL

Mrs S Bratley

Inclusion Officer - DSL

'Safer Internet' Day - Tuesday 9th Feb 2021

Next Tuesday is ‘Safer Internet’ Day and we will be promoting this across school.
We will be sharing a video with children in school and you can watch this at home too
Also, on the day there will be a presentation delivered by a PCSO – Cyber officer. PCSO Luke Carson is part of a ring fenced team, educating children, teachers and parents around online safety messages. The presentation will be delivered at 10.30am on the 9th Feb and all of the 750 primary schools across WY will be invited to join the presentation. Click on link below:

Safer Internet Day Presentation by PCSO

Then to capture the audience of parents/carers, there will be a Facebook Live at 1pm for 30 mins, on the day, where three officers who have been trained by the NSPCC deliver these types of messages from SID to parents/carers. They will also be on hand for a Q&A session as well as delivering some messages in line with the current SID’21 theme –

We hope you find this information of use and together we can work to raise the awareness of Safer Internet Day and keep our children safe online.

Children: If something is worrying you it is important to talk to someone you trust.

In the Wakefield District if you’re worried about your safety or the safety of a friend or family member, you can call Social Care Direct on 0345 8 503 503 where specially trained staff will listen to you and provide support, or you can talk to an adult you trust, for example:
β€’ A Youth Worker
β€’ A Doctor
β€’ A Social Worker
β€’ A Teacher
β€’ A School Nurse
β€’ A Police Officer

You can also get advice from:

Parents...are you worried about.....