Pupil Groups

We have Pupil Groups with representatives from Year 1 upwards. Representatives on the Pupil Groups are elected by class members.

School Councillors 2021 - 2022

School Councillors 2021 - 2022 Download Icon
What happens at your meetings?

At our meetings we discuss important matters that arise in school. We organise fund raising activities and support good causes. We try to make our school standout from the rest.

What events have your organised?

We have organised the following events:

Children in Need – Spotty Dotty Day
Elected Anti-Bullying Ambassadors
Chosen a charity to support in replace of gifts at Christmas
Chosen the poster to win our Keeping YOU Safe competition
Pupil voice for how the staff at Ash Grove keep children safe

Forthcoming events
What are the highlights of being on the Academy Council?
  • We make a difference.
  • Make school a better place.
  • It makes me feel confident. I am now able to put myself forward for other things.
  • Makes me feel like I am helping people.